Following its successful launch in May 2022, the d.HOLIDAY booking platform continues to expand its offering for holiday dialysis patients and their loved ones, through the introduction of an exciting series of new features.

In a significant shift towards adopting a fully paperless environment and embracing the digital capabilities the online platform represents, patients are now able to upload and share medical documents that are required by their visiting clinic to confirm their treatment booking request, via the platform. This has the potential to significantly reduce treatment approval timings, since clinic staff will have the ability to review paperwork and approve the visit in less time. Those patients that may still wish to submit their paperwork manually, will still be able to do so.

Michaela Blomstrand, Global Director of Patient Experience and Community Affairs, had this to say: “I am pleased to be able to  introduce this new d.HOLIDAY booking platform feature. It represents a significant improvement in our patient’s experience on the platform, by simplifying the paperwork process which can be a laborious and stressful experience for any traveler. Crucially, this also frees up a lot of our holiday coordinators’ time, allowing them to spend more time empowering our patients to live out their dreams of travel”.

“The safety and privacy of our patients is of utmost importance to us, which is why this feature is being introduced after months of extensive preparations to ensure data privacy. My thanks to the team that worked on this, and made it possible”.

More updates to come

The medical document upload is the latest in a series of exciting upgrades taking place across the platform. In addition to the above, additional filters have been introduced that enable visitors to sort search results by clinic name, distance, as well to filter clinics by available shifts.

Beyond this, countries are expediting the deployment of localised platforms. Spain, which is among the top 5 requested countries amongst Diaverum’s worldwide network for holiday treatments, is leading the way, launching the first localised version of the platform in November 2022, with more countries to follow suit in 2023.

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